Organisation for WTU Lessons in New Zealand

Pukeko Nature Paradise Health and Holyday Farm Ltd
185 Martin Road
Kaeo new Zealand
Registered 15 April 2004
Company Number 1504792
director  Cornelia Katharina Meyer & Torsten Alfred Willy Meyer




Thorsten Meyer, WTU Level 2

Phone: 09 4050554

Guest teacher in New Zealand

WTU Martin Domian
Leader WTU Group Islas Canarias
WTU Level 12, Guild Stage I
WTU University Basic, Stage I, LotG
WTU Health Basic
Martin Domian is Leader of the WTU Group in the Canary Islands (Spain).
He is currently visiting New Zealand and joins regularly our training days

Founder of Wing Tsun Universe (WTU)

GM Alfred Johannes Neudorfer (AJN)

Si-Mo Rosa Ferrante Bannera (RFB)