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Self-defense and martial arts with WTU Wing Tsun

"we move people" is our WTU motto.


Please read our small overview on the following pages: "What options do you have with us?"


Self-assertion, self-protection and self-defense with WTU Wing Tsun.


We teach preferably in mixed groups from 15 years, without age limit. Of course, this includes effective self-protection techniques, but also further possibilities. Right from the beginning we communicate the handling of "aids" as well as possibilities for individual health prevention.


Especially for children from the age of 6, we offer a curriculum with our WTU Young Bloods, which could also be described as a "roadmap to a healthy, happy and, above all, unimpaired life". Effective self-assertion, balanced movement, child-friendly self-protection, as well as funny games of movement and other, meaningful more belong together for us.


It is best to register for a free trial lesson with your child.


We look forward to seeing you and your family!

WTU Podcast
The podcast for body, heart and mind.

In our podcast we talkt about the topics: personal development, health, martial arts, philosophy and humanity. Get interesting impulses and motivations for your everyday life - we move people.

Here is the Link to the current English-language podcast on the topic "Meditation".

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