Our offer for children and adolescents: WTU Young Bloods

Self-assertion - self-protection - self-defense in New Zealand

We help children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 14 to be safer in life, thus helping to develop your child into an intact and successful person!


We distinguish different danger and conflict situations in our Young Bloods lessons:

Children have conflicts with children of the same age

Children have conflicts with older children

Children have conflicts with several children

Children are exposed to threats or abuse by adults

It is a matter of the heart to give your child a healthy and safe start in life!


With our WTU Young Bloods lessons we strengthen the self-confidence - our movement program "gives wings"!


With movement, games and fun, we teach the children and young people natural movement and the handling of dangers and conflict situations. The curriculum includes a selection of age-appropriate self-protection techniques, self-assertion exercises, value mediation, and movement games.



In WTU, our self-assertion includes the use of an upright, self-confident posture, the associated gestures and facial expressions, as well as the voice and sharpened alertness.


Through targeted exercises, the child learns to set limits and resolve conflicts in advance.



The area of self-protection includes body positions that already begin to limit the possibilities of a potential attacker.


We never teach rigid positions, but the natural adaptation to existing situations.



In WTU, we understand self-defense when body contact with another person occurs in a dangerous situation.


In this case, physical strength should not be a decisive means, because as a rule, the aggressor is physically superior.


We distinguish two phases:

An attack takes place immediately and an attack has already taken place and I have to free myself from a grip.

Values education


Part of a holistic martial art such as our WTU Wing Tsun is, in addition to the training of physical abilities, the teaching of values such as respect, discipline, team spirit, tolerance and much more. indispensable.


Likewise, we attach great importance to teaching children adequacy for conflict situations, as the techniques we learn are extremely effective.