WTU Wing Tsun - self-defense and martial arts

Self-assertion - self-protection - self-defense in New Zealand

Health and Personality Development through Holistic Martial Art


WTU Wing Tsun is a holistic martial art that unites Asian wisdom and Western knowledge and adapts it to today's times, needs and circumstances. We do not teach "tricks" but train skills that have a direct impact on health and safety.

This approach enables you to constantly adapt to the demands of life - be it at work, in private or in a dispute.


Holistic martial arts is the royal road to train and train your body, mind and whole being.

The increased and learned abilities of WTU Wing Tsun are stress resistance, attention, mobility, health improvement and assertiveness - both physical and mental.


Our teaching design does not require strength, fitness, height, age or weight, and works equally well for women, men, children and adolescents.


In each WTU Wing Tsun class we teach the following four fields: WTU FIGHT, WTU GUILD, WTU DRILL, WTU HEALTH.



The contents of the unarmed movement training aim to develop genuine self-defense ability.


As in real life, there are no restrictions. No matter what distance - whether foot, elbow, knee, fist, fingers or on the ground - nothing can be ruled out.



In the WTU GUILD we work with all kinds of tools and weapons:

u. a. Palm stick, club, long stick, double knife, staff, knife, tonfa, and sword.


For us, integrated weapons training is indispensable today for self-defense capability. In order to defend yourself against weapons, you also need a basic knowledge in dealing with these weapons. In addition, we use weapons of various lengths to train a sense of distance and a heightened awareness of attention - all the skills required for a weaponless combat.



In the exercises of the WTU HEALTH we move within the natural range of motion of humans, which evolved for evolution rather than for one-sidedness.


Our movements counterbalance the one-sided influences of the technically shaped life and increase the defense quality in addition to the general quality of life.



WTU DRILL is a movement program that increases coordination and agility.


This short cardiovascular workout takes place at the end of each lesson with bump pads, weapons or pure body weight to moti-fourender music. formality.